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  • Miracle Hot Plate™
  • Miracle Hot Plate™
Miracle Hot Plate™

Introducing Miracle Hot Plate™

It's the serving sensation that keeps your food hot up to 30 minutes longer! Miracle Hot Plate™ is quick and easy to use! Simply zap it in the microwave and then put your plate on top! The secret is the soft gel packs contour to the bottom shape of ANY plate. Now your family will enjoy a hot meal each and every time! It's like having a personal size chafing dish for every meal. Keep your steak sizzling longer and enjoy melty mac n’ cheese to the very last bite with the Miracle Hot Plate™. For breakfast, it's the best! Your oatmeal will stay piping hot until the very last bite! Whether you're serving up steaming apple pie or making the best lunches around, you need Miracle Hot Plate™!

It's time to change the way you dine! You can heat up to four at a time and the space-saving design nests together for easy storage.

Here's more good news — the Miracle Hot Plate™ also works cold! Chill it in the freezer for cool, crisp salads, ice cream that doesn't melt, delicious deviled eggs or to serve shrimp cocktail at your next party!




Simply heat the gel pack in the microwave, place on base and put your dish on top to keep food hot!

Miracle Hot Plate™



Just chill the gel pack in the freezer, place on base and put your dish on top to keep food cold!

Miracle Hot Plate™
Miracle Hot Plate™

“From everyday meals to huge family
gatherings at the holidays, we always
have the Miracle Hot Plate™.
It's the best!”

Miracle Hot Plate™

“It takes me forever to get everybody
around the dinner table but now, with
the Miracle Hot Plate™, our food
is still hot.”

Miracle Hot Plate™

“Everyone at work is so envious of
my hot food. The Miracle Hot Plate™
is the big question every day
during the lunch break.”

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